Can You Ride the Nakto Breeze E-Bike Like a Mamachari?

Two Wheels, Three Hearts is an advocate for inclusive, active mobility in Metro Manila. She uses her mamachari or "mommy bike" to move around the city with her kids, do groceries, run errands, and have fun on two wheels. We asked her to try out the Breeze E-Bike for a week, and here's how it went!


"Overall, the electric assist did make errands a little easier. If I lived in a hilly area it would be a game-changer. And the confidence that the motor will compensate for heavy loads and inclines might be just what you need to switch to a bike for errands!"


"A less obvious way an e-bike can reduce stress is at intersections. We’ve all felt pressured to start fast and speed across them, and that can be scary for beginners, or people who are less confident riding in traffic. An e-bike can get that quick acceleration right from the green light, and getting up to speed that quickly also lets you balance immediately, so you don’t have to worry about wobbly starts.

"It also made it easier to just get off the couch and get out there! I didn’t feel like I had to psyche myself up to go for a ride. The pedal assist also meant I could control how much I would sweat - I wouldn’t think twice taking a bike like this out to meet friends for a nice dinner, or even to meetings for work, when I might not have access to showers."


"I love that bike technology and infrastructure makes biking so accessible to all kinds of people. I hope to see even more lolos and lolas on bikes doing errands, getting some exercise, or just enjoying the ride."

So can the Breeze work well as a "mommy bike"? We think so! If you're considering trying out an e-bike for your everyday errands, for bringing your kids (or pets!) around the city, and for keeping fit, perhaps the Breeze E-Bike is for you.

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