E-bike Suntour Epixon Fork Upgrade + Antipolo Test Ride

Jason Penuliar is a motorcycle enthusiast who recently started tinkering with bikes that he builds up and customizes himself. This is his story of his custom upgrade and Antipolo test ride of the Nakto Ranger All-Terrain Electric Bike.

Thanks to the link from Joshua (of Nakto PH), I finally received the Suntour Epixon shocks early last week. But it wasn't until yesterday afternoon that I decided to install it. Having little to no installation manual with it, I thought it would be a good DIY project. Took me about 30 minutes from start to finish with bulk of the work towards the end.


Suntour Epixon MTB Fork 
Suntour Epixon MTB Fork


Didn't have time to test ride it so I figured I'd do that today in Antipolo. Primarily, I got the airshocks to alleviate the experiences I get from the speed bumps on our village. With the test ride this morning on the up-and-down bike lane of Marcos Highway, it seems to be working fine. The Epixon compliments the Thudbuster I installed at the seat post - though I would like to experiment on installing a softer damper just to see if it fits me better.
Suntour Thudbuster
Suntour Thudbuster


Took the Antipolo loop at a relaxed 1.5 hours. The only problem I have is usually deciding if I am going to overtake bikes going up slopes - kasi medyo nakakahiya even if I'm only on level 1 assist. This usually makes me slow down my pace and just follow groups that ride not too fast nor not too slow.
R1 Evo Smart Cycling Helmet
Boredom doesn't set in because I use the R1 Evo helmet and it plays my music and is still very responsive to Siri controls.



Got home with just 1 bar of power used up and as I was going to switch Off, the power bars returned to full again - I guess the low level of assist used did little use of the battery.


This story was first posted by Jason Penuliar in the Nakto Philippines Community on May 30, 2021. Photos and video by Jason Penuliar. Content edited for clarity.

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