Ride Review: 2021 Nakto Ranger All Terrain E-bike

This review was originally published by Kara Santos on May 15, 2021.

Biking has really boomed during the pandemic, both for daily commuter use as people face problems with public transportation, and as one of the few allowable socially distanced leisure activities you can do outdoors. However, with the sizzling summer heat, daily commuters and employees who rely on pure pedal power to get to and from work may find biking regularly too tiring.

Kara Santos on the Nakto Ranger All-Terrain Electric Bike

Buying a scooter or motorcycle may not be an option for some people because of the added expense and the hassles of having to get a driver’s license, yearly registration requirements, and fuel costs.

For those looking for a more sustainable option for mobility, electric bicycles or e-bikes combine the joys of and eco-friendliness of traditional biking, with the perks of additional support and speed.

Nakto Ranger All-Terrain Electric Bike


Read more about the Nakto Ranger All Terrain E-Bike on Travel Up. Article and photos by Kara Santos.

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