Ride Review: Nakto Breeze City Cargo E-Bike

This review was originally published by Kara Santos on July 24, 2021. Excerpts are quoted below.

✅ Great for office commuters: "You could wear pants or even a skirt while driving this bike without getting grease stains all over your clothes. You won’t exert so much effort and sweat so much while driving this compared to traditional bikes, so you can wear normal clothes or office wear if you need to."
✅Ideal for essential errands: "... the bike is designed to carry cargo, and can be pretty useful for those essential errand rides... For Dunkin Donut’s Biker’s Day, I tied a sling bag to the front rack to carry 2 boxes of donuts home. On other errand runs, I strapped a wooden crate I had at home with some bungee cords to the rear rack, which made carrying food items much easier."
✅Great for leisure rides too: "I also took it up on a chill solo ride to Antipolo to check out Ahon Coffee, a cafe with an overlooking view. This is normally a challenging route that hardcore road and mountain bikers tackle to test their mettle, so I couldn’t help feeling a little smug overtaking groups of cyclists with ease going uphill on what looked like a Japanese bike. The e-bike managed to cruise smoothly at a consistent pace of 16-18 kph uphill on pedal assist 1 and 2."
Read more about the Nakto Breeze City Cargo Electric Bike on Travel Up. Article and photos by Kara Santos

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