Ride Review: VISOR Tests the Nakto Ranger

Originally published by Hans Bosshard on June 14, 2021 on VISOR

Whenever you go out for exercise or official business these days (we are, after all, still in a pandemic), it’s hard to ignore the proliferation of bicycles on our thoroughfares. A lot of people have turned to cycling both for leisure and as a means of transportation given the uncertainties of public transport during this time. It’s liberating and enjoyable, and I would personally urge you to give cycling a chance if you still have not tried it out.

But, you may say, what if you have an injury that prevents you from cycling, or you just feel unfit to pedal that far? Pedal-assist electric bicycles are touted to be the solution to these woes, but their price tags often feel criminally expensive.

Enter the Nakto Ranger.

Read more about the Nakto Ranger All Terrain E-Bike on VISOR. Article and photos by Hans Bosshard

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