When In Manila, Switch to a Greener Mode of Transportation!

Excerpts from a feature originally published on When In Manila On July 23, 2021.

Launched just this year, Nakto Electric Bikes Philippines was started by brothers Joshua and Luis Gan — two entrepreneurs who have spent the past several years launching multiple startup businesses and working with social enterprises. When the pandemic hit and, with it, travel and leisure restrictions, the brothers rediscovered their passion for one outdoor activity the IATF allowed: cycling.

“Nakto Electric Bikes are made for the everyday Filipino cyclist – affordable, durable, and comfortable. Not to mention really good-looking! Nakto incorporates practicality into their design process, keeping the rider in mind when designing the electric bikes.”

“Our customers have chosen Nakto for a wide variety of reasons, but the number one reason would be our service,” Joshua continued. “Because we enjoy riding and customizing our bikes ourselves, we want our customers to experience the same kind of delight with their own bikes. We strive to provide expert personal servicing, all of which make owning an e-bike as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.”

Read more about Nakto on When In Manila. Article by Therese Aseoche

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